RudaPupa trumpaplaukiai vengrų vižlai

Vizsla – about the breed

There is no secret that all canines are cherished by people from every part of the world, but the Vizsla dogs have an exclusive place in the hearts of many. Due to their witty minds, beautiful appearance, amazing instincts and lovely temperament, these pets will surprise anyone with their qualities and unique charm. Spend your days with your little friend and cherish the memories you create together.

Mainly used as hunting dogs in the past by the tribes in Hungary, these pets are an energetic versatile breed that can be engaged in plenty of activities like therapies, jogging or hunting contests and make great competitors in sports. As this medium-sized animal is extremely active, it is important that you offer him enough daily exercise so that he will not get bored.

The Vizsla owns fantastic scenting and tracking instincts that make them perfect for hunts, drug detection and rescue missions. With an incredible agility and obedience, these companions can be easily trained because they learn things fast due to their desire to please their masters. Treat your pooch with respect and kindness and he will definitely protect you and your house against intruders..

Well known for their sensitive side which craves human companionship and affection, Vizslas like to be touched, be under your nose whenever you are home and will follow you around. As these animals are not the best choice for those who work long hours, make sure you keep your four legged partner company or, otherwise he may become lonely and destructive towards your properties.

Vizslas are definitely talkers and are not shy to test their vocal chords whenever they have a chance. From whines, moans, barks to other interesting noises, they will let you know every time he agrees or not with something. Although he may be a little bit noisy, the Vizsla is a wonderful loyal buddy for you and your family and he will make your life happier and more interesting.