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Grooming Vizslas

The Vizsla dogs are highly popular among people for their rusty color coat and their gentle face features that resemble the ones of the Retrievers. Due to the fact that their beautiful appearance can make them feel cherished as a member of the family and help them build confidence, it is important that you take your pet’s few maintenance demands seriously.

With his sleek short hair and little shedding, you can be certain that your pooch will be a breeze when it comes to grooming because he usually needs only occasional brushing. Although this breed sheds throughout the year, you only need to brush his coat once every four or eight weeks when you can also check his skin for any potential conditions.

Baths are ones of Vizsla’s favorite beauty rituals during of which you can strengthen your bond with him and improve his self-esteem. In case he is a lively canine companion that loves it when he rubs his back in dirt and runs through the muddy terrain in the park, you may need to bath him more often but otherwise he needs it every one or two months.

Make sure his ears are always healthy and clean monthly only the area you can see. For his dental hygiene, you should brush his teeth every other day and take a look inside his mouth regularly so that you can notice any disease in its early stage. Introduce your dog to this routine since his early years and let him become accustomed to it so it will be easier for you.

Like any other pup, nail care is a must if you do not want scratches on your legs or your favorite couch. Even though he may hate it at first, it is absolutely essential that you clip his nails once a month and reward him with affection and treats after each session. Make his grooming a wonderful experience for both you and your four legged buddy and show him how precious he is to you!